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All TVC 5STARvet hospitals  will have access to an extensive library of on-demand webinars covering a variety of topics essential to today's independently owned veterinary hospital.  All content provided has been developed exclusively for 5STARvet hospitals.

New courses will be released on a rolling basis so please check back often for updates!

Ownership Culture & Employee Engagement

3 RACE Approved CE Credits
Understanding practice ownership dynamics is integral to a successful veterinary practice, but often the topic is overlooked.  In this unique educational series, learn the pros and cons of group practice ownership, preparing your associates for ownership, how to build a staff that thinks like owners, and so much more with Dr. Beth Davidow, author of The Veterinary Idealist.

Course Modules: 

Should I Bring in a Partner? The Pros and Cons of Group Practice Ownership

How to Prepare Your Associates for Ownership

How to Build a Staff that Thinks Like Owners

Creating a Shared Vision

Employee Engagement: Using Empowerment, Shared Vision, and Shared Values to Win Over & Keep Staff for the Long Term

Better Meetings: Why this Might Be Your Best Staff Investment

Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in a Veterinary Hospital

3 RACE Approved CE Credits
Shandell Maxwell, DVM skillfully navigates this important subject, illuminating the need to bring this education to your veterinary practice teams. With more applicants looking for employers who care about paying fair wages and creating an inclusive workplace, veterinary owners and managers are challenged to learn and practice DEI tactics. In this course you will learn why diversity equity and inclusion have become important topics in our society and what these initiatives mean for the veterinary field. By the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of DEI and actions you and your team can take to create a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity.

Course Modules: 

Introduction to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity Trends in the Veterinary Field

Bridging Communities Through Cross Cultural Conversations

Equity VS Equality

Listening to Stories

Bringing it all Together

Human Resources Multi-part Series

11.5 RACE Approved CE Credits

Supporting Rising Leaders

Gain insight with Carolyn Becker of Starpath Consulting on how to help transition a staff member into a leadership role. Whether from technician to lead technician or customer service representative to lead customer service representative, you will be well prepared to ensure your team members become successful new leaders.

Course Modules: 

Identifying and Nurturing Leadership Potential

Supporting Rising Leaders with Training & Resources

Mentorship Programs for Rising Leaders

Paving the Way for Acceptance Among Peers

Coaching New Leaders, In Good Times & Bad

Letting Go - How & When to Step Back

Interviewing and Hiring for Cultural Fit
This in-depth course with Carolyn Becker of Starpath Consulting delves into techniques to help veterinary leadership teams hire a great cultural fit. Learn how to develop customized interview questions to determine if a candidate's values align with your hospital culture and how to select the right person for your team! 

Course Modules: 

Weaving Culture Into The Interview Process

Behavioral Interview Techniques for the Veterinary Practice

Developing Behavioral Interview Questions for Your Practice Culture

Involving Your Team in the Interview Process

Red Flags to Watch for After Hire, And What to do About Them

Supporting Mental Health Issues from an HR Perspective

This course takes an in-depth look into supporting people who are coping with mental health issues. Carolyn Becker will discuss how to approach this sensitive subject with employees, what the boundaries are for conversations, and when to step in and offer help. The course will also review several case studies to illustrate how mental health can affect performance, discusses employees with suicidal ideations, and provides managers with tools and resources to respond to these situations.

Course Modules: 

Talking with Employees About Mental Health Concerns

Responding when an Employee Expresses Thoughts of Self Harm

Medical Documentation for Mental Health Issues

Case Study: Poor Attendance as a Result of Mental Health Concerns

Case Study: Suicidal Employee

Case Study: Is it Job Abandonment or Something Else?

Case Study: Mental Health Issues Masquerading as Poor Performance

Addressing Serious Performance and Conduct Concerns
This course is designed to give hospital leaders techniques to approach tough conversations and address complex performance issues, including misconduct, toxic employees, and job performance, and attendance situations. Methods to properly document disciplinary action and termination are discussed. The course will review several case studies surrounding serious performance and misconduct concerns.

Course Modules: 

Approaching Tough Conversations with Confidence

Responding to Misconduct in the Workplace

Proper Documentation

Terminating an Employee

Case Study: Poor Job Performance

Case Study: Poor Attendance and Punctuality

Case Study: Toxic Employee

Case Study: Misconduct

OSHA Training Series

5.5 RACE Approved CE Credits

Delve into the world of best safety practices with Dr. Chery Kendrick and VetOSHA! With two training tracks dedicated to your management team and your staff members, your veterinary hospital will be ready to meet OSHA requirements and become an ever safer workplace. This comprehensive series will cover general safety, emergency action plans, bloodborne pathogens and zoonotics, COVID-19 protocols, cleaning and disinfection, chemical safety, radiology safety and laser safety.

Course Modules: Management Track

OSHA Overview for the Practice Manager

OSHA Inspections: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

OSHA Paperwork Simplified

OSHA Roles in the Veterinary Practice

The EAP: Emergency Action Plan Essentials for Managers

OSHA Training for Team Members

Management of Workplace Behavior

Manager's Guide to COVID-19

Course Modules: Staff Track

OSHA Basics for the Veterinary Team

OSHA Rights and Responsibilities for the Staff

Emergency Action Plans for Staff

OSHA Principles of General Safety

Professional Behavior in the Veterinary Clinic

Dealing with Workplace Violence

Biological Hazards: Bloodborne Pathogens and Zoonotics

COVID-19 for Staff

Cleaning and Disinfecting in the Veterinary Practice

Chemical Safety in the Veterinary Clinic

Laser Safety

Radiology Safety

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